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Mural, 600 x 1000 x 600 cm, 2018, dormitory of the penitentiary in Požega


For the purpose of aestheticization and revitalization of the prison space within the Exemplary Penitentiary project, four artists Monika Meglić, Ana Ratković Sobota, Vida Meić and Melinda Šefčić performed art interventions in the Penitentiary and Prison in Požega.

Under the guidance of the author of the project Melinda Šefčić, with the aim of improving the quality of life and interpersonal relationships of prisoners, creating a new, more humane, supportive and nurturing environment, aestheticized the entire floor with an emphasis on artistic interventions performed in three bedrooms and a living room on the second floor of the women’s penitentiary.

The Model Penitentiary, a project of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists, funded by the Ministry of Justice, began implementation in mid-April and lasted until the end of 2018. Art interventions are only one aspect of this project, with workshops led by Mia Maraković and Martina Miholić with the integration and participation of prisoners. The implementation of the project is accompanied by a research component, while the results of the project, along with an expanded list of speakers were presented at a public exhibition and an accompanying catalog at the end of 2018.